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Prefer smoking alone?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Romaniac, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I've been smoking since I was about 17. I started smoking with just friends. If someone asked me to smoke with them, I would. I only smoked with a few people though. I wasn't exactly comfortable when smoking with them, but I could deal with it. Eventually, I got my own bowl, and started buying.

    Now I strictly smoke alone, unless i'm with best friend, who i've known since I was born. Anybody else, I just. Don't. Feel comfortable smoking with.

    I get real socially akward, and shut down around other people. I judge them, alone with myself, like "Why would they say something so stupid" , or "Why did I say that? Is that really how I sound"?

    This doesn't happen with my best friend, however.

    It pisses my boyfriend off when I tell him I don't want to smoke with him. I try to explain to him that I only enjoy smoking alone, and he just doesn't get it. I guess I really don't either.

    I like to be able to smoke by myself, and sit an analize things, and be able to just be myself. Does anybody else have this problem? Or, even better, does anybody know how to stop this issue?
  2. smoke, post, and surf grasscity, you wont ever be smoking alone. :D

    When i was in college i would smoke with friends, and lots of other people, but it was only while I was on campus. After i leave campus i only smoke with my GF in my house or cruisin around in my car.

    I hate babysitting which is the reason i only smoke with family gf and my self. Some people just can't hold down their high or only talk about last nights dancing with the stars episode.

    Another reason, God forbide you encounter police if your by yourself, its only one story, add other people, and you have to keep more stories strait and worry about your buddy spilling the beans.
  3. True.

    I don't think it's because I don't have anyone to smoke with. I have plently of people.

    But if I have to pick between smoking with someone, or not smoking at all. 97% of the time, I won't smoke at all.

    Or, i'll make some excuse to go to the store, go to the park instead, and smoke smoke smoke.
  4. #4 Willy The Squid, Apr 23, 2010
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    I am the same exact way. I have been smoking for a while now, and have smoked with tooooonnnns of different people. However, it wasn't really until I started smoking more, that I realized smoking alone was just more enjoyable. My primary reason being, is because I like to do my own thing when i'm high, and alot of times people want to do dumb shit that I don't want to do while smoking. I also don't like having to deal with certain types of people when i'm high (like drunks). When I am smoking weed, its just me and the weed, and in tons of cases my best friend too (who I also see like my brother).

    I just think we have the ability to keep ourselves occupied, and we enjoy doing things our way without interuption. For example, I wouldn't feel bad getting on my computer and playing a video game with my best friend around. However, I would feel a bit rude if I left some of my others friends occupy theirselves at my place. I think you just like doing your own thing, and it can be hard to do YOUR own thing when your smoking in a group.

    At any given time of the day, I could find at least 3 people to smoke with.. Its just not always fun. Although, I always want to smoke with my best friend.. but he doesn't smoke nearly as much as me. I also work at a job that demands me to work with people all day, that could be a big reason. At the end of the day, I just want to be left the fuck alone most of the time.
  5. i had a roomate who was the exact same... its all about personal preferance
  6. I don't think it's an issue others said, it's just personal preference. I love smoking by myself, but I also love smoking with friends. I do the latter a lot more infrequently, but not because I don't want to; it's hard to get everyone together.

    I have a lot of nights where I just want to smoke and relax...use my computer, listen to music, watch TV, etc., and my brother never understands me. I keep telling him to relax and to not talk to me...I'm not in a mood to talk, I just want to relax. So yeah, everyone's different. There's nothing wrong with smoking alone - it's perfect.
  7. just kinda seems to me that you cant handle your high..maybe try smoking less? i dont know i've never experienced this myself but i have a couple friends who i will NOT smoke with because they go all trippy like that when they smoke and it annoys me to the fullest extent!

    I smoke with people all the time...but at the end of that day it's usually nice to sit down with my own blunt and smoke it all up to my self:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  8. i prefer doing just about everything alone. other people just get in my way, cant keep up, slow me down. :cool::cool::cool:
  9. It's not that I can't handle my high. That's not it. I have tried smoking less around other people. Either way, if i'm around someone smoking with them, I feel akward and just want to be with myself.

    Makes all my friends hate me, hah.
  10. Its not that i love smoking alone so much, its that i just happen to smoke alone 90% of the time. i smoke several times a day, and most of the time, someone is not smoking with me.
  11. idont smoke bymyself thatoften
    usualy with other people
    ormy girlfrind
    i did this morning tho
    by myself: )
    it was aight
    went and spent time in my datura garden
  12. i dunno, maybe you just need to relax, and not expect anything to come out of the situation if you see what i mean, as in just be content within yourself and dont feel pressure to talk to people when youre around them. cos you could just get high with people and chill and it would pretty much be the same as bein on your own. i like gettin high on my own a lot, but smokin with other people is important imo, cos its a great communal thing to share. i dunno, if you feel awkward, maybe youre just hangin out with the wrong people, id say the first thing youd want in a friend group is to feel comfortable around them...i hope im not prodding too much but by awkward do you mean you feel self conscious? or left out? or just like theyre intruding on your high? or vice versa?
  13. There's a few reasons I limit myself to either smoking with other, experienced (at least on my level) smokers, OR complete herb virgins. reasons being-

    -)Crowders (- The people who sit too close, pop your personal bubble.

    -)Torchers(- The dipshits who can't seem to manage a bic or a piece of wick, wasting the bowl.

    -)Multi-hitters(- the people who think the puff puff puff pass of a blunt, also applies to a bowl. it does not.

    -)Geekers(- The people who say their tolerance is growing greatly, but are fried before you get a headchange and get stupid. about everything.

    -)The fucking professor(- The guy who doesnt know shit yet thinks he knows everything.

    that is all.
  14. #14 scatfactory, Apr 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2010
    I'm the same way, only because when I smoke I'm just laid back and quiet. I keep my thoughts in my head and don't like to bother people. The majority (not all) of people I have smoked with act stupid as shit. There's a few people I can tolerate smoking with only because they are above that 'high school mentality' level when high...

    I don't think it has anything to do with not being able to handle the high, it just has to do with not wanting to be annoyed and have your buzz killed by someone who is giggling like a pre-pubescent school girl on the day before Christmas break or doing random "im so fucked up" things that one would normally not do. Seeing people of my age like that turns me off and makes me want to leave...grow the fuck up, it's just herb, not magical giggle grass...I'm not saying you can't talk about weird shit, just do it in a mature manner that doesn't make me want to smash my face into a wall...

    The post above me...yeah...that's a good list. :)
  15. It's hard to explain. It's a little of all of that. I feel self conscious. Not really left out, and somewhat like they're intruding.

    I tend to make fun of people when I smoke with them. Because I feel self conscious for them. FOR them. I don't know.

    The only time I can enjoy a high is when i'm by myself.

    My fiance and I live together, and he asks me to smoke all the time. I just can't do it.
    I always smoke when he's not home, and I am. Or I make up an excuse to go to the store, and instead go smoke alone somewhere.
  16. i understand you.
  17. Not even being able to smoke with your fiance is kinda odd. You both can't just sit back and relax doing your own thing?
  18. sometimes when im high
    all bymyself
    i get reallly depresssed
    but itslike an inbetween feeling
    yea, my mind is like depressed or wahtever
    but for some reason
    i still feel some sort of sense of happiness

    its so much easier to manage myself through the day wehn
    iget high by myself in the morning
    its wierd

  19. i suppose its very possible its not you, and its just that you dont think those folk are gd to hang with whilst high, cos i have folk ive smoked weed with who are shit to hang out with, i kinda see what you mean about feelin self conscious for them, thats how i feel when i hang with folk and smoke weed and theyre just not good to get baked with. i guess its the same as whenyou get drunk, there are some folk that just arent good to get drunk with. i guess you might find that you meet people that you do like getting high with, if not, then i dunno, bakin alone is just as fun so fuck it:) but dont let it put you off gettin high!
  20. Sounds like you are just more relaxed and introspective than others although you should try to challenge yourself to smoke around others more it's not a bad thing you like to be by yourself(I'm the same way) but smoking with friends and being able to enjoy it is also beneficial to a person, smoking is all about discovery it sounds like you have somewhat discovered yourself but you need to move beyond the boundaries o yourself and see what others have to offer yes you will encounter stupid people they are everywhere but then there are others who you will make you appreciate and see new perspectives to this beautiful disaster of human kind

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