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Prefer indica or sativa?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by coolcalin812, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. I prefer indica
  2. Man do I love Sativa over Indica, I love my mind to race, to be alert, to free my thoughts give them form and flow, get me out of my head and body, man thats the way to go!
  3. I like hybrids as close to 50/50 as possible but on indica and sativa it depends. If I'm doing something that requires me to be active I'll prefer sativa for the head high but if I just want to sit and relax I'll go with indica. Not like I get to choose most of the time though.
  4. Indica's are perfect for a good evening chill, I have had sativa during the day & felt akward around sober folks, so i always wait until im alone or just before bed
  5. Feel the same way
  6. Relaxation is key so INDICA for me!
  7. Sativa cured my depression, so sativa all the way man. Indica just makes you lazy and tired.
  8. Sativa. Gotta love that burst of creativity and rush of energy through your body. I love being active and just explore the world high on some sativa.
  9. they both have their time and place...
  10. I've only had Sativa once (seems like all the dealers around here only have indica) but damn i loved that euphoric ecstatic feeling. Damn I need to find some Sativa again...
  11. I like a mix, but sometimes feel like hitting a PURE indica where you can no longer move :hippie:
  12. I like sativas for the daily grind. When I get home, i prefer indica, helps me relax and unstress.

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  14. Indica in general.

    I mean really I don't mind and I love getting lifted as much as getting stoned but I smoke in the evening a lot more.
  15. indica when im toking @ home. sativa when I'm out with buds or something

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