Predictions for the next 10 years?

Discussion in 'General' started by Americandutchyz, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. What are your predictions for the world in the next 10 years? What major events will happen? What wars will happen? Technology, etc.. ?

    I think a very accurate prediction is that humans will gradually become more "one with technology" over the next 10 years..
  2. The next world war will start, we will become extinct.

  3. Possible. C'mon though man. Many people have predicted the end of the world, none of them have been correct so far.

  4. I never said the end of the world.... I said humans will become extinct, and it will be due to nuclear warfare.
  5. Huh chaos.

    Crumbling of govts.

    US loses it's spot as world currency..

    Yeah lots of stupid shit.

    Giant ass earthquake also
  6. Lets get through 2012 first.
  7. Fap
  8. sam shit differant year differant leaders
  9. Marijuana will be illegal...sigh

    9,358 threads in apprentice tokers will revolve around how to conceal smell.
  10. GPS guided self driving cars will be put into production. Quite realistic actually as many have been designed. What i want to know is what will happen to highway patrol when they come out? You cant get a DUI or speed when your not the one driving haha.
  11. Hopefully it involves fire...I love fire.:cool:

  12. lol I can believe that, yeah highway patrols gonna be out of a job. Thats gonna be fucking awesome..

    No more designated driver FTW!! :D

    hahaha same old shit different year.. :laughing:
  13. in the next ten years?

    im probably...gonna smoke some weed.

    and continue listening to black metal.
  14. Economic collapse. Currency change. Climate change.

    There will be a major reduction in population, will you make the cut?
  15. Honestly, I'm kinda surprised all cars don't come with GPS already built it.
  16. Half life episode 3 will finally be released.
  17. [quote name='"MaxAmmo"']Economic collapse. Currency change. Climate change.

    There will be a major reduction in population, will you make the cut?[/quote]

    For sure. Parts of Asia and much of africa will experience greater water shortages making life even harder than it is now. Overfishing is another big thing which is already well on it's way. Fish catches continue to get smaller forcing us to catch food lower on the food scale and putting the world in more shit.
  18. Pretty much us poor civilians are screwed.

    Ocean is fucked also, there's a pink algae running rampage and cannot be stopped, corals are going extinct, after that, ocean goes into stalemate.
  19. This thread is so depressing

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