Predictions For Our Nation

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  1. now these predictions are just ideas me and my friends have had (some induced by weed, some just normal thoughts)
    were all in college and 20 years old
    ok here are some predictions for whats going to happen in our lifetime (about the next 60 years)

    1) we will see a war on American soil
    2) we will see a revolution and the government will be overthrown or at least an attempted to be overthrown

    this last one would be the craziest and probably the worst

    3) the assassination of a president (possibly Obama if he wins)

    as sad as it is theres still alot of racism in this country and also a lot of ignorant people
    Obama being black is enough of a reason for a shit load of people to hate him, regardless of his views and goals as the president
    look at Martin Luther King Jr. he was assassinated and he wasnt even running for president, granted racism was a lot more of an issue back then but it is still definitely an issue today
    if he were to win I guarantee someone would at least attempt something
    btw Id much rather have Obama be president then McCain
    McCain is too old and rich to trust in the white house
  2. I agree that racism is still around today, but I really doubt Obama would be assassinated if he were elected, I mean, look how many people hate George Bush... Its pretty damn hard to kill a president these days. There probably would be a few attempts, but someone ignorant enough to try and kill him because of his race, probably would not be smart enough to be able to pull that off.

    But I have to say, I think that would not be as bad as a war on American soil. There would be fucking chaos if that happened. I'm not saying it would be good for Obama to be assassinated, but its a hell of a lot better than a shit ton of people dieing in a war.

    I'm not sure what to think about this whole revolution thing yet though... People really have to come together to be able to even try that. A lot of people are pretty happy with the way the government is now, and it will take time before people realize how bad we are making things on ourselves. People need to have plans for what to do after a thing like that, and convincing enough people to go along with it would not be so easy... So I don't think that will happen in any of our life times

  3. truee

  4. Nah, its easier then you would think. But I would never try it or even think of it so FBI, CIA and all them other people that might read this don't worry... No president assassinating from me, I love America.

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