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Predict when we will find life in space

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by 2packush420, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. This is just for fun, but predict when we will find life in space.
    My prediction is that we will find life by 2020 and we will find intelligent life by 2030.
  2. already have......mushroom spores and microbes. intelligent life? as soon as we can warp drive...or as soon as it finds us
  3. There are a couple of moons in our own solar system that I am sure have life. Just need to get there.

    Intelligent life? I don't think we will ever find that in outer space in our lifetime. Maybe never.

  4. more info on this? curious
  5. I think those numbers are very off. 20 years u say? Even after we find them it will take much longer for one of us to reach the other
  6. Because of technology curves and the singularity we may never meet aliens.

    The time span from post industrial to galactic civilization probly happens so fast, then something happens. Perhaps assention?

    Or perhaps all civilizations destroy themselves after discovering a specific thing. Maybe all civilizations blow them selves up when they try to harvest dark energy

    In any case I believe the odds of meeting aliens that are inteligent aare unlikely.
  7. *patiently waits for iMPREPREX*
  8. Some pretty strong assumptions in this thread that the date will be in the future...

    Just for kicks, I'm going with 1947.

    Now prove me wrong. :cool:
  9. Nope, sorry. You just blatantly lied.

    I personally believe it will happen on the date it happens, provided it does happen.

    Fuck this shit, this isnt science, this is speculation.
  10. Speculation is important for inquiry and is thus a part of science

  11. lil baby want his bottle?
  12. Let me guess, you think humans evolved from apes who ate magic mushrooms too..
  13. Unless an intelligent species can work out how to travel faster than the speed of light it's very unlikely.
  14. look in the mirror, you already have...
  15. Never. Unless we find ways to have true starships and survive outside of earth, I think humanity will become extinct long before we find intelligent life.
  16. to be honest if NASA finds or has found extraterestrial life it will NEVER be released to the public. it says so when NASA was made that if alien life is to be discovered blah blah blah you get the rest.
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    Are you saying you don't believe in evolution? Or that you don't believe we evolved solely from mushroom use?

    Honestly I believe IF we ever come into contact with other intelligent life, they will be the ones who find us, we are too young to reach out that far and find them. But the universe is thought to be 13 billion years old so it is silly to think other life forms wouldn't exist, I hope a friendly and peaceful Intelligent life comes to us and aids us in becoming peaceful.
  18. I doubt the universe it 13 billion years old it must be MUCH older than we can comprehend
  19. 13 billion is the age of the visible universe. What we see after Tue "big bang"

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