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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Robot4200, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Looking to get a new vape (previously had a "Vape Brother", but was dropped by my moron friends one to many times) so i was looking around and found this predator vaporizer
    I think it looks pretty good for the price ($150 USD) but i would like to hear your thoughts

  2. Just by looking at it I wouldn't buy it. Everything looks to be 95% plastic, the stand is a joke. Check out some other vapes like Purple Days, Da Buddah or the Extreme Q, all of which are in your $150 dollar budget.

  3. thanks and ya now that i look at it it is mostly plastic but i do really like the case that it comes in ... i suppose "form over function" doesn't cut it for me while smoking the herb
  4. If a case is important to you, the Da Buddah actually comes with a nice case too.
  5. I don't like how the whip is black. My Vapor Bros. whip is clear so you can see how that resin on. It seems like it would be hard to clean that. But it does look cool.
  6. looks like a non-lethal weapon
  7. if you do purchase that thing you can lock your bike tire up with the whip
    im sorry im playin dude
    ide recomend the silver surfer vape, i havent had one but my friend does and he says its
    pretty dope,
    i use vaporbros, im used to it and it works well so unless im gettin a volcano
  8. dude WTF is that thing, get Da Buddha and never look back
  9. You can send your VB back for repair..don't buy a predator..just not a good idea.There are tons of vaporizer threads on gc..just hit the search man.
    also fly over to fuckcombustion and read some threads.
  10. they have this one at my local head shop. looks ill.

  11. ya thats the vibe im getting and ya just watched som youtube" reviews of "DaBudda" definitly gonna look into that,
  12. I've smoked both the Da Buddah and own the Extreme Q, and I would personally recommend the Extreme Q hands down. Check out the review in my sig.
  13. Watch buying this one. The clip on the whip where it connects to the vaporizer broke. It is a plastic tab that isn't held on by much. It worked great before this happened. It Wasn't used on a daily basis either. Can't get a response from manufacture. There might be a good reason they wont respond. Supposed to be a lifetime warranty on it but there isn't any contact numbers anywhere for 420lenny. Think twice about purchasing this one. If someone has a contact number let me
  14. is your answer my man.. Browse around the site and read reviews, it will help you find what your looking for
  15. Hahahaha it does kind of look like the Predator's shoulder canon.
  16. I actually picked one up today, works great. Takes about 5-10 minutes to warm up but is worth your money. I picked mine up for 50$

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