Precum on her ass while cuddling

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Omega369, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I have this major issue with a lot of Precum. To the point where when I'm cuddling, dick resting on her ass, I have a full blown erection and my dick is like a fountain but with Precum. Its so bad that it seeps through my underware and soaks her backside.

    Sorta embarrassing in my end. I even had one girl say "did you just cum?!"
  2. stick a finger in your ass maybe it will help
  3. I have a feeling you're young, but this will go away as you get older.
  4. Lol yea man I know what you mean, happens to me sometimes too. Good thing I've never done it to the point where its soaked through.
  5. Damn dude that sucks =/
    Everytime I'm cuddling with my girl I usually get an erection, but never precum... That would suck dick!!
  6. fuck... my ex in high school had this problem... it was a major turn off every time
  7. I remember middle school :laughing:
    (not accusing you of anything OP, this usually happens to people without a lot of experience that tend to get excited)
  8. ahahahahah this thread cracked me upp!!! i think you just need to relax, I mean damn, if that happens, so just fuck her already!
  9. [quote name='"deadheadparker"']I have a feeling you're young, but this will go away as you get older.[/quote]

    I'm 21, seems to be getting worse as I get older lol

    I have an extremely high sex drive. I masturbate almost daily and lay chicks about once or twice every 2 weeks. Though I've had dry spells for couple month give or take. I'm not a huge pimp but I think I get laid enough
  10. I giggled at this,not gunna lie...

    I think if you masturbate a lot that may be the issue.. maybe try doing it less and see if anything changes.

  11. I think you just solved the problem yourself.
    High sex drive + masturbating daily = problem IMO.

    But damn dude your getting laid nearly every week and still fapping?
    I just started dating this girl the 1st of august and I stopped fapping than XD
  12. Your body is producing lots of sperm due to your high output. Glue your hands to your seat and try not to get glue on your hairy knuckles.
  13. That sucks bro, maybe just find some ways to lower your sex drive. Or see a doctor. You just never know.

  14. Heyy, that's wassup... I don't think I'd recommend doing something about lowering your sex drive, dude more power to you! 21 yrs of age sounds about right! Honestly when I was smoking 24/7 I didn't feel so "pumped up" like that but now that I'm a little clean I feel ya! I need to end my fucking dry spell ugh!

    Now go lay one for us brotha haha :hello:
  15. Early squirter gets the worm!
  16. I feel like that would turn me on honestly... I like when a guy precums and I haven't really done anything to cause it. Makes me feel like I'm sexy or something.

    Wear thicker pants (or whatever you're wearing while cuddling). And try jacking off less for a little while and see if that helps.

    I have a similar problem... sometimes ill be just chillin, watching tv or walking or something and then all of a sudden ill feel a gush of liquid come out. It gets my panties wet sometimes too. And I stay fairly wet all the time. I do not want to stop this from happening though lol
  17. I always have precum.. I know how you feel, man.. but I've never been concerned about it. People have commented on it.. and I just say, "I have a lot of precum"

    I don't cum early.. and I last long.. but cuddling (sometimes), making out, foreplay... Tons of precum.. The people I've been with love it.

  18. Um jack off more(i dont really like this idea) or you could have sex with her, you'll pobably blow it in 30 seconds seeing that your ready to blow when just cuddling. But hey, after a few times doing it, and eating her out(make sure you eat her out, and eat her out GOOD because of the lack of dick time she'll be recieving at first) But once you can go longer, you'll be all good. So yeah, i guess practice makes perfect lol. Or more pleasurable idk. Well more pleasurable for her at least, actually it's a win win for both of you. You'll be able to last for more than a minute, she'll love it(hopefully) and then she'll be coming back for more. And that's where you win! Pusssay, num num num num. Ok i'm done now. I'm also horny now.

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