Precooler or downstem

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  1. I currently have a 6 slit diffused downstem.

    Should I get a multi-arm perced precooler or a 6 arm diffused downstem or a showerhead?

    Which would have the greatest impact?
  2. I'd say upgrade the downstem first. Although an A/C would drastically change the way your tube hits, more so than a downstem, IMO.
  3. what kind of bong do you have?
  4. I say a/c... HUGE advancement in smokability

  5. Ac first, then downstem, since u already have a diffused downstem the ashcatcher is all u need. Showerheads are worth every penny, same with luke wilson stems. Also be careful on buying an ac, most are more trouble than good. We could help u greatly if we knew wat kind of bong u got. Some downstems perform better than others in differant styles of bongs.
  6. It is an ice pinched straight tube.

  7. Luke wilson 6arm.

  8. I really like my lw 6 arm, I use it in my mini SYN. Good shit, great for buds and erl.
  9. i votze for Precooler

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