Preconceptions of a Stoner.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bºx, May 12, 2006.

  1. The moralistic stand off ---- New Girlfriend --- And whether she approves of Weed! ---- The battle commences ..

    So I met this girl, and she's cool, not as hot as I would like, but I'm easy going that way cos she's cool. But the one thing I find hard to find out is whether or not she is into Weed. I don't wanna put my foot right in it by saying I'm a full-time smoker; and I don't want her to see me on a stone.. But I aint quitting!!

    So I devised a plan to get her high, and then slip it into the conversation.

    And so the plan went;

    + Go out get drunk.

    + Back to friends house for party.

    + Weed.

    + Maybe some casual sex.

    So the plan was going well, we went up town, had a good night gettting drunk and doing stuff. We went back to my mates house afterwards, we had managed to collect some vagrants along the way and invite them back with us.

    About half an hour into the party I realise that I hadn't seen my gf in a wee while, so I went looking for her - only to be confronted by her friend - who said she was being sick... which she was. I naturally assumed it was the drink. But I was in lol Country when I got told she had 2 bowls and whitied out...

    We spoke about keeping secrets from each other and agreed that we should be more honest with each other even if one of us find's it shameful. So now, I work, I go to her flat, and she has a J rolled and ready to go.

    I love it and so does she.

    Peace, One and all.
  2. fuck yes!

    my girlfriend will match me hit for hit until either of us can't see, and if i couldn't see, she would keep smoking. she's great.

    congrats on having a girlfriend who loves to smoke.

    when i'm packing my girlfriend will say, "want to make this a keif bong?"

    my god, it's like she sees into me and knows what to say. i lovingly look back and say, "of course"
  3. Only thing that sucks about it is when your low you're girl wants to smoke it too and neither of you'll get high or i'll let her have the last of it and im fucked.

    But stoner friends as girls/girlfriends are the shit.
  4. lol I never thought on it like that, I guess it's a comprimise I'm gonna make. Still; how good?
  5. congrats man :hello:
    always great to find a chick who is cool as hell and smokes :smoke:
  6. hell yea bro! i wish i can find a chick that smokes and actually has her shit together.
  7. I love the fact I have a girl that smokes. Sucks when I'm running low though, like KSR normally I leave her the last bit of bud. At the end of the day though its worthwhile, as I'm sure we'd all agree.

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