Pre Workout Snack?

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  1. Hello all, I need some good suggestions. Pre workout snacks are good for fitness, What is everyone's favorite pre workout snack? Any useful assistence would be appreciated.

  2. I like some protein and carbs before I work out.  Maybe more protein if I'm lifting,
    Maybe more carbs if I'm doing cardio. 
    Potassium and water help too.  Some things I've had lately are
    Fried egg sandwich
    Hash browns and eggs
    2 bananas and glass of milk
    PB&J and glass of milk
    Prunes and cottage cheese
    watermelon and grilled chicken
  3. What the above poster said. Drink a protein shake 30 mins prior or have a protein/carb meal about 45-60 mins before training.
  4. I can't stand working out on a full or even half-full stomach, especially if doing cardio that day. I eat something really light with a glass of water like a banana, slice of bread with PB on it, granola/protein bar, etc. about 30 minutes before starting.
  5. The more calories you eat, the lower your overall workload (ability to sustain intense blood flow). But the more calories you eat, the higher your power output is. The less you eat, the higher your workload but less power. Many people pass out from not eating enough even though they feel like a machine in the gym that day
  6. Some Gold Standard Whey Isolate and Clen.

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