pre sex in veg?

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  1. Im growing Blockhead I have six plants in veg right now. The one that first caught my attention cause of vigour and size is not showing. I also have a mutant not showing but its of no use to me. So I have two other females and two males witch I just pulled. They are aprox 5 weeks old and I don't believe Blockhead is an auto flower.
    My question is is this normal pre sex...or auto flower???

    The other two not showing possibly cause they are different pheno's?
    If they are auto this is really gonna suck! Cause im looking for a mother to clone for SOG.

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  2. If it's any consolation or help autos would normally be well into flower by 5 weeks...
  3. They are not autos. They are simply preflowering showing sex and letting you know they are maturing and would love the bloom room

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