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Pre-rolls: Classic Cone-shape vs. Cigarette type pre-roll

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by purebeauty, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Been seeing a lot of new companies on the scene mainly in Los Angeles selling pre-rolls in cigarette like tubes, companies like Island Premiums, Caliva Toasties, etc and wanted to know your thoughts on these new twists on the classic cigarette style roll, or do you prefer the classic cone-shaped pre-roll?
  2. I don’t have anything against the tube shaped ones!

    I do prefer the classic cone shape though. I like the burn on them.
  3. Cone for me, it's how I roll my papers anyway.
    Was gifted a few packs of vibes-ultra thin king size cones (not condoms)
    haha they were great
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  4. I prefer the cone prerolls, personally.
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  5. I rarely smoke pre rolls but when I do it's these
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