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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Huey_Freeman, May 28, 2013.

  1. Today i'm about to pick up a tin or some type of those cigeratte travel cases, and pre roll about 5-10 joints for travel.

    Any blades pre roll blunts or j's?
  2. I've done it in the past. If I were you I would only roll a few and see how you like it. The paper tends to dry out the weed and makes the smoke harsh.
  3. Sometimes I'd preroll something before work so when I got home I could hop right out of the shower and spark up. But yeah they always dry out and either taste harsh or burn fast. 
  4. What about dispensaries? They pre-roll dozens of joints and they don't always get sold that da y
  5. I do this when I'm going to festivals or other places where I can't roll up easily. Never thought they tasted any worse than a freshly rolled one.
  6. If i was pre rolling a bunch out of sheer laziness for later than i would store them in an airtight jar. It would slow down the drying process of the bud and keeping everything from being so dry and harsh, if they sit out to long they burn faster than a fresh j too. I would assume dispensaries keep theirs in jars before their sold, ive never heard of one having pre-rolls though. Then again ive never been to a dispensary so hey what do i know.
  7. Buy some cigar tubes ( Garcia Vegas or White Owl) from the store then store your prerolled joints in the tube.

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