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pre rolled joint papers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by canabliss, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. okay does anyone here prefer to roll a paper around a pen or sumting then twist off one end and just pack the pre rolled paper with weed and smoke it that way i find that it compacts the weed and you get a smoother and tighter roll. plus im not to good at rolling a joint.
  2. just get good at rolling joints. That prerolled shit is always inferior. Maybe not aesthetically, but spiritually
  3. well technically i rolled the paper =]. but i agree i do like the thought of being able to smoke and roll a joint with out the aid of the pen.
  4. I just started rolling joints again and now I'm doing cones with little cardboard filters and they are the easiest thing to roll, and after you roll it you can grab the fat end of the cone and shake/tap it so gets decently firm, seems to burn a lot better after doing that too.
  5. There's no tighter roll with this method..because the only rolling you're doing is when you wrap the paper around whatever object you're using (pencil, pen, etc.).
    Just grab a pouch of tobacco and roll it up repeatedly until you get the hang of it..your method's definitely not practical when it comes to a situation where you've got nothing to use except a pack of papers.
  6. Way too tedious. If you can't roll, use the old dollar bill method (search here or Google it.) Time wise it's on par with hand rolling, and definitely an easier "on-the-go" method when compared to the pen.
    That, or learn to roll. I'd recommend that.

  7. haha true that man
  8. dollar bill ftw
  9. just learn to roll now.. you'll thank me later:smoking:

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