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  1. what prepaid credit cards work with the attitude because i don't want to use my personal credit card anyone have a suggestion also looking at Mr Nice Seeds Critical Mass anyone grow this strain before?
  2. I use Gifts2go for Attitude purchases they sell them at Walgreens there Yellow with gifts on them.They come in 25,50,100 dollar domination's.It's the only card I know of that requires no information and allows international payment. Smokey
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    What gift cards does the 'Tude accept? I need something I can pick up from HEB, Walmart, etc. I'm afraid I will get one that can not be used for international purchases... I know it's stupid question but most gift cards say "purchases can be made in the US." (sorry for thread jack)

    Edit - I think Smokey answered my question. See what happens when you get high folks, you get distracted.
  4. Yeah, I'm in the same situation right now. I bought a card not knowing they changed the rules since the last time I bought seeds... Thanks for the help.
  5. The vanilla card was a no go for me. The walgreens gift2g0 card worked though

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