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  1. Dose anyone here use any of the pre mixed soils?
    I have seen some that say all the nutes are already mixed in and all ya need to do is water.
  2. I use purple cow organic live soil. I only water.
  3. Hey thanks man! Do you use just that in your pots?
  4. i use mother earth ground swell and nectar of the gods #4 if i can afford it lol
  5. So are you asking about soils like Fox Farm ocean forest, or are you asking about organic living soils????? Fox Farm type soils you add nutes after about a month or so of growthin the soil, and the live organic soils you only use water and maybe organic teas once in a while all the eay till chop day.
  6. I switch between Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog.
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  8. Yes the live organic soil's.
  9. Then you may want to post this question in the forum growing organic marijuana. You will get better responses from peps that actually use soils like that.
  10. My thoughts are that u get what that stuff does. I like to control it. My experience is that the weed is not as strong

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  11. Yup, that's it.

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  12. They also have coast of Maine organic potting mix that is pretty affordable.

    Grew primarily outdoors but made the switch to indoors. I first tried out hydroponics my first grow but too much maintenance for how often I work. So use a decent premixed super soil first grow. Then while those plants are growing build my own custom super soil.

    I feel like building an organic soil makes you that more prideful of your grow. Also soil has a higher terpene profile than hydroponics.
  13. heck, they must have just recently released all the new choices. I got like the original purple cow organic live soil mix. maybe the tomato grow one will be best suited for weed grows. or maybe this one....
    Purple Cow IndiCanja - 1 Cubic Foot Bag
  14. Did you use the purple cow indicajana soil I’m wondering how it is

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  15. I have a bag of the purple cow indicajana soil I have 3 seedlings in it

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