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Pre-mature weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ObamasGstring, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I got some bud's from a friend. He said it was 2 week's premature, because it had to be harvested. First off, smells and tastes nothing like weed. But look's fucking phenomenal. But I just broke open another bud but its... purple? I'm getting a very nice high off of it, it's got THC crystals on it, but the smell and taste? Would that be caused by being Pre-?
  2. It means the buds are not as big as they would be if they waited 2 weeks. Shouldn't really effect the way it smokes. It is also not abnormal if the buds are purple.
  3. Then I'm lost, because it doesn't even taste or smell like pot..
  4. it probably hasn't been cured and/or dried right, that's my guess, smoke it anyways.

  5. Does it get you high?
  6. Ok cool, that's what I was kinda leaning toward's, because the guy was in a rush to harvest it, so I doubt ANY curing was done at all. Thanks.

  7. that's definitely your answer, if you would like the nice smell and taste its not to late to cure it!

  8. Yes, It get's me very high. But the taste and smell was odd, I thought it was due to being premature/not cured, but I figured better safe then sorry, to the internet!
  9. So wait, if you wanted to smoke without it smelling like weed.. if you didn't cure it it wouldn't smell like buds? little kids are gonna be buying uncured buds all day now ahaha
  10. Yeah I would, but I only have like 6-gm's left, it was a productive weekend, and they were small from the start. But this has been reassuring, thanks fellars'.
  11. The problem is, that it doesnt smell like weed, I want it to.
    And I didn't know for sure that it wasn't cured.
    And what little kid's?

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