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Pre-mature pistol color change

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by nevybaby, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. I have a plant thats about 2ft-3 feet tall and it has already entered the flowering stage and what not and started developing a ton of white pistols. But then the hairs started to turn redish brown even though the plant itself is still growing and theres still room for bud development. I'm not sure what strain of plant it is. My buddy planted a ton of seeds and gave me a female. Any ideas why this is happening?
  2. Is it all of the hairs or just near the top of the plant? If its only near the top, it could possibly be getting burned by the light. In order for this to happen, you'd probably have to be using HID lighting, and have it fairly close and not air cooled.

    Only thing i can think of
  3. It's all of them.But recently i just put another light on the plants and you can see some parts where there are white pistils beginning to grow. It looks far from done and a few people who have seen it said it should be fine but im not sure. I'll put picks up in an hour or so when i turn the lights on
  4. That's odd... is it a sativa strain? I've never grown a pure sativa, but have heard the buds progress more in that manner. Indica buds I've noticed stay nearly all white until 2 weeks from finish, then about half brown 1 week from finish, then all brown by finish.
  5. Mine do this too. It's normal as far as i'm are concerned. They grow in spurts. Before the next big growth many of the older pistols turn red. I've had 3 waves so far with two weeks left.
  6. Yeah its a sativa. I was going to take pics of it but my cam is shitty. The pistils are becoming bright red but now I have 3 lights on it so as of two days ago so I'm going to see how it goes.
  7. These are a few pics of my lil project:



  8. Hard to tell, but it seems your plant may just have colored pistils. Shriveled pistils look different.
  9. they regrow
  10. alright. I mean, it seems healthy and what not so im not too worried. its my first grow so i'm still learning a few things. On one of the branches, the pistil of the flower is getting realllyy red so toilofday you might just be right. I have 2x75w lights directed on it from the sides and i have a 75w hovering above it with a reflector. Definietly will invest in a hps at some point but so far these lights do the trick

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