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  1. Anyone out there have advice on a plant that has started to flower way too early? This was put in the ground around the end of February and has soared to over 5 ft tall. Now it's starting to flower way before it's time. (S. California usually starts flowering around July/August). Hate to pull it cause it looks really healthy and dense with growth. Any advice?
  2. If you have grown in that spot before without light issues, you probably have an auto. At 5 feet tall, she should make for a great harvest, just a couple months early.
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  3. Why would you pull it? It'll either produce now or later, just let it go.
  4. It's a spring plant. It'll need to be harvested in early June. When the first sign of it starts to foxtail pull it as it won't ripen any further.

    I grow in Southern California year round and gets 4 harvests per year. Usually I run a veg shed with lights 24-0 and keep cycling plants from the shed to the yard to flower. This year I'm running it all outside as the Panic has tossed a monkey wrench in my life.

    Jan 1st = Harvest, Take cuts for new clones, Set out vegged plants in the just harvested holes.
    March 15th = Same
    June 1st = Same
    Oct 15th = Same


    Since these were vegged under 24-0 they'll need to stay lit up till Aug1st.


    Ran like this last year for the summer set as well with good results.

    This is early April. A mix of nearly finished and just starting to flower
  5. Jan 1st to June 1st = Flower lighting hours
    June 1st to Aug 1st = Veg Lighting hours
    Aug 1st to Jan 1st = Flower Lighting hours

    Just the 30 days either side of the summer equinox has enough hours of light per day to veg under. June & July.

  6. Last year one of my plants did the same thing and it never re vegged or fully bloomed. Pulled it around the end of June but still had a good year with my remaining plants. I just put it out there to see if there was a way to recover it back to the veg state. From what I'm reading, the tendency is to quit wasting my time and pull it. I have other plants that are looking real good and no flowering yet so it's not a game ender. Thanks!
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    If you put it out before may 15 it will start to flower. If you had supplemental light during early start it would of kept it in veg. Some
    If its not reverting back. you can cover it to keep it flowering. If not it might revert back and be bushy but, not as healthy as a normal vegging one.
  8. I started mine in February also and put it out in middle March but, I added supplemental light and then slowly turn off the light to match the daylight hours in late may.

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