Pre-harvest "tasting"?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mistertastycake, May 26, 2010.

  1. So I have 6 days 'til I chop the girls down (flushed 4 days ago). Unfortunately, as I stated in another post, a friend ganked my dough and I'm totally dry with no connects. It's the first week of summer classes and I need to "relax."

    My question is, would snipping off a little bud and using a quick-dry method be OK? I don't mind a harsh smoke (I vape, anyway), but I do mind ruining the whole plant, getting sick, or not getting blazed.

    Also, if it is OK, would you recommend a specific quick-dry method or where I should take the bud from (i.e. lower sites or closer to the main cola)?

    BTW, it's a soil grow. Ferts were organic, with the exception of using PK 13/14 for a week or two before flush.

    Thanks for yer help!
  2. hey dude ive taken small smokes of plants bit early when i first started growing, it wont really do any harm at this point(2 you or the plant lol), & IMO it will get you stoned, i just let it dry naturally for few days, but there are other ways just cant really think at the mo, check out the harvesting section, that may be some help dude

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