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  1. Ive got 5 plants that are 1 month into vegging so far, and 1 of my plants are showing signs of pre-flowers i think? is this possible so soon especially cuz i havent induced flowering yet?
  2. It's possible with certain strains.
  3. ive 3 more of the same strain growing, are they going to get pre-flowers soon too?
  4. Yes, I got preflowers on clones well before I switched the lights. Usually seeds take longer, but they can preflower as well.
  5. word, that doesnt mean that its gonna flower does it? i havent switched it to 12/12 im growing mine outdoors and wont be harvesting til the fall
  6. No, they won't usually flower under veg lighting unless it's an autoflower. It just means that they've reached sexual maturity and are big enough to flower if you'd like to.
  7. word thats legit then, well atleast i know i got 1 female so far:D
  8. I would take clones from that plant now before it gets too hard to get them too root.
  9. the plant it self is still pretty small, ill take a pic of it and post it that way you can get an idea of how big it is

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