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  1. plant is on 18/6 and has a couple pre flowers with 2 white hairs coming out , i didnt trigger flowering and wasnt really ready , do i just switch the schedule to 12/12 now that it has showed signs of sex? or can i continue vegging
  2. Of course you can continue flowering. Usualy, once a plant gets to a certain age, usualy around 8 weeks, it will shoot out a few preflowers depending on the genetics. If you continue to veg, these preflowers will just simply die off and go away, not to worry this isnt stressing or effecting the plant in any way. Once you are ready to flower, all things will be ready to go in the right direction now that you have found out without flowering your plant that you have a female.
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    ok decided to flower the plant my question is should i transplant to a bigger pot now?? plant is in 2 gallon pot , and i heard transplanting it in flowering can stress it and cause stress and make it hermie. should i transplant to a 5 gallon pot right now? or just leave it and let it grow out.. it been through 1 night of 12/12 and has pre flowers all over

    ill be switching it to my 400watt hps in 3 days when it gets here

  4. If you plan to transplant, go ahead and do it now.
  5. well the thing is i have a ph problem and i need to flush it.. but i think it would be much harder in a 5 gallon pot. on the other hand i dont wanna do both and totally shock the plant and stress it and hermie it, but i dont want it root bound in a 2 gallon pot when the hps comes and it wants to grow

    what should i do?
  6. bump anyone know what i should do?? i wanna do this todayy
  7. OK
    If this was mine I'd repot today, and water it with ph'd reverse osmosis water & then let it dry thoroughly. Keep it on your veg light schedule till the Hps arrives
    You may want to let it veg for another week or two after you get into a 5gal pot, Unless you have size/height restrictions
  8. i have done experiments on flowering and returning to veg, and cloning these plants.

    all of which once back in veg state, continue to pop pre-flowers, and after a few weeks the pre-flowers open into tiny leaves. the plant continues to produce pre-flowers on new growth but wasnt flowering.

    pre-flowers are a sign of maturity.

    oh and flowering clones are fricken awesome

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