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  1. So my one "hardy" plant, a Female Neville's Haze appears to showing its preflowers. It is about 35 days old, but pretty small (3" tall from cotyledon, 3" wide) as it underwent much of the same stress from lighting and heat that fried several indica heavy plants. It is starting on its 6th leaf set (including the first after the cotyledon).

    I did not think I would need any magnification this soon, so I can't look very closely, but I cannot detect any signs of hermie. Also, the preflowers are all the way down to the 2nd node.

    So my question is this: how much longer can I veg once preflowers show up? Or does that even really matter? Because of my bad starts, I have procrastinated on completing my flowering space, need to get it done soon.

    Sorry no pics, my camera blows for macro close ups.
  2. Hold most of this until I get magnification, seems it is not preflowering yet (though could be). If it is, my question about continuing to veg is still being asked :).

  3. Plants can only live so long and everyone has a different genetic life cycle...If your plant is preflowering you should 1. Make sure you have the right size pot for that girl to grow in. 2. Throw it on the 12/12 cycle... 3. If you are unhappy on the size of your plants right now because they sound kind of small...Get a better fan and light and start all over.
  4. My lighting and heat situation have been fixed, and I have other seedlings underway. This plant made it through and other than the small size, shows almost no other signs of the stress.

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