pre flower sex?

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  1. [​IMG]

    so i cant get a much better pic then this, any idea on wat u think it might be. looks like it maybe a female, could be wrong lol

    thanks in advance
  2. Is that a white like pistil comming out of there?
  3. How long did the plant veg
  4. 8 weeks prolly 9 now it going to be a mother

  5. ill be honest with u i wasnt sure thats y im asking GC i cant wait ne longer lol i laready took clones and i dont wanna find out down the road there all males, the clones are ready to go to cups. so i deff need to know soon, i got another mother thats a females no doubt, but 2 diff strains so kinda hoping its a female
  6. Plants show sex in like 50 days of veg probably is a pistol
  7. forsure it is female
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    Thats a female. You can tell by the swelling at the nodes (where it joins on to the main stem) and the pistils. Whats with the butchering of the petioles and stem (has it been topped) ???
  9. 50 days ????. My plants are ready from seed to harvest in 90 days........:eek:. Plants can be sexed from planting the seeds in 21-28 days everytime. :D.
  10. nah i already took clones off it, b4 pre flower sex signs hoping lol its good. the clones are clones as hell to being rooted thanks for your opinions gc's

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