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    in this picture it shows only the plants sex parts but my plants are already growing leaves between the branch and stalk and i only smelled my biggest plant so far and it already smells like bud (but not too strong kinda weak smell)

    can my biggest plant be flowering already and ill get pics in to show you guys later on today or tomorrow(i dont think i can get a picture of my biggest because it is in a hard to access spot)

    dammit i 4got i let my friend borrow my memory card so idk when i can get pics sorry
  2. side growth is normal. depending on where you live it could be awhile before they show sex. just check them carefully and they will show there sex when they are ready.
  3. o me it sounds like hes saying he sees his plant pistoling witch s fine and plants will always smell.
  4. It might be flowering. Depending on the light cycle and whether or not it's Auto-Flower. Just look for signs of males, and don't worry about your girls. Just keep them healthy and you'll get bud.

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