Pre flower or not? Help!

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    Basically I just had a seed I grew. I've just been having fun growing it. No idea if it's male or female. The strain is an indica called Pine tar.

    I have posted a picture of something that I think is a preflower.

    While it's still early, Could someone help me determine the sex?

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  2. Post a pic of the whole thing please

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  3. Just posted more pics!
  4. That plant needs a whole lot more light. You've got some big time stretch going on.

    No preflowers to be seen as of yet either.

    How old is it? You should see preflowers from 6+ weeks.

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  5. definitely not showing anything yet. You generally wont be able to determine sex until they start flowering. Some plants show in veg, but usually its pretty soon after you flip them to 12/12. I would start doing some reasearch though and learn about this if you want to be serious about it. Is this a bag seed or a feminized seed? If its just bagseed it has a high liklihood of carrying the hermie trait.
  6. Can't tell yet possibly with better pics
    More info needed
  7. Thanks for all your feedback!

    Growing this is more of a fascinated curiousity thing than anything. While I would be sad to see a male, it will be a learning experience either way.

    About the seed, it just popped out of a bud I had bought so I germinated it.

    The stretching occurred under natural sunlight, I guess it wasn't getting enough light as you mentioned.

    The plant is 6 weeks old, recently gave it a transplant and it seems to have responded well.

    So from what i gathering, preflower a won't be visible until it has entered the 12/12 flowering cycle on this plant? Or would it potentially show during its vegetative state, given good light conditions, etc?
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  8. A plant will sometimes show when it's mature enough which is usually 6+ weeks old.

    I've noticed it tends to be around when you have 7-9 bladed leaves. That's just from my experience.

    They will always show between 7-14 days after the switch to 12/12 or 13/11.

    First grow using cfls.
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  9. still seeing 3 leafers im new but thought U read thats a sign of still in veg

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