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Pre-Employment drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlizzInformer, May 28, 2010.

  1. Hey guys i know its a little late for me to be getting my first job in college but flame me as you wish :mad: But i want to know an answer.

    I have a interview for a job at mcdonalds in my local town which i got a call back from about a month ago from when i turned in my app. Im freaking out because im completely dirty and im afraid im going to be getting a drug test. Do jobs drug test you on the scene of the interview? And i dont have a certain food handlers permit so i have a feeling they will delay me if they do hire me before i start.

    Help Eek!
  2. Yehh. Im not too worried about it, if it all comes down to it i can just pull an old switcheroo with a condom and handwarmers. Im just wondering if i even need to bring someones pee or should i not even worry about it. The reason is my moms paying for my rent and she knows i smoke and i go to the community college down the street and shes threatening to pull the plug on my apt rent unless i get a job. Macdonalds is the only place thats called me back, being 19 with no previous work experience is a bitch in this market.
  3. Did they specifically tell you that you had to take a drug test? Or did they just ask if you would submit to a random one? I worked at McDonalds once, as well as knowing a lot of others who have, and never have I heard of anyone actually being tested. you usually have 24 hours after being offered a position to take the test, but unless they told you you were taking one, I really doubt you will need to. McDonalds, as well as most fast-food places hardly ever test, as most people who work in the fast-food industry smoke anyway!
  4. do the detox drinks work? i drank the stat one 13 days clean for my test...still waiting to hear

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