Pre employment drug screening

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaney125, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. so the beginning of this summer I got an internship at a company and did a drug test and passed, now they said this week they are going to offer me a full time job for when I graduate school in the winter. I am wondering if anyone knows if they might drug test me again this week or wait till I get back from school? I am wondering just because it'll be for a full time position not just an internship.

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  2. do what you did to pass the first time

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  3. They probably will when you are to start FT
  4. So you're saying they would test me when I come back not right away?
  5. I was a contactor for a co. at one time and they made me a FT offer which I accepted. Technically the position was opening in a couple of months. I was told there would be a drug test when I became an employee. So, yeah, my guess is it will come with the job.
  6. On the other hand when I went from PT to FT Supervisor at my current company there was no DT at all. So I guess it depends on the company.

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  7. I would assume since you are starting a new position they can drug test. That doesn't mean they will. Usually where I'm from it's just if they are suspicious

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