Pre Employment Drug Screening Panic

Discussion in 'General' started by StillProdigy, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Okay I need some help I've been searching the forum high and low I developed a plan using some of the ideas from here and my own comfortablity but still have some doubts in my head, I have until 2:00 P.M. today for me to report to the clinic to test.
    Going with substitution, I tried Detoxing and diluting and it cost me a job in the past so its not a option again.
    First Buyin a empty traveling size shampoo bottle,hand warmers and a fish tank temperature sticker, if available.
    My plan is to meet my brother-in-law and receive his "specimen" transfer it into my shampoo bottle almost immediately throw it in the microwave 10-15 seconds, open a hand warmer and stuff it in my gooch. 
    i live in Colorado and temperature is negative might even snow again. My car will be on full heat and will drive quickly with maybe a 20 min wait in the lobby plus the time to commute a total of 45min that my clean urine will be in my gooch. 
    I was thinking maybe two pair of boxer briefs. I'll place a hand warmer on the shampoo bottle between my skin and first pair of briefs then just another hand warmer by it self in my second pair. 
    I'm not concern with it getting to hot I can cool it down,but the weather is what im worried about that it may drop temp fast.
    So Help Anyone?

  2. Give 'em a speech.
    The freeman.
  3. try looking at some synthetic urine ......there's a product that every smoke shop sell's as far as detox products go ....the one i've had the best results with from experience's called urine''s with a mini squeeze bottle with synthetic pee-pee in it and comes with a temp strip and a heat packet like the one's you use in your gloves for hand warmers......shit comes complete by the box and go to your appt and squeeze your fake pee-pee in the cup and there goes me i've used this stuff 3x's already and no problems i got the job and also passed two randoms for a security job.......costs like 65 or 75 dollars like a charm and is highly recommended
  4. In many ways this test is an attempt to affect your right to live a life of your own choosing outside of what you do to earn a living. It therefore matters to me that I live the kind of life where I can use it if I feel like doing so, then do something where they feel they have a right to know.

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