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Pre Edible Meal?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by keenan88, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. First I heard that eating edibles on an empty stomach will give you the most effect. Now im hearing you should have a light fatty meal beforehand to better transfer the THC? I have struggled with getting an effect from edibles.
  2. Eggs? Bacon maybe?

    I tend to eat my edibles on a... not full, but not empty stomach. A stomach that has had at least a bit of food recently. :p
  3. I have eaten several edibles in the past with little to no effect. I usually did it on a very empty stomach. Maybe that is my problem.

  4. Try it on a somewhat full stomach. Eat something substantial before hand.

    If that doesn't work... where are you getting the edibles from? A dispensary, or a dealer? Could be that they just aren't very good edibles.

    But then, my significant other has a very high metabolism and he just cannot get high from edibles. Most of the time when I say that, people assume that the edibles just aren't good enough or he hasn't taken enough. But we've bought a batch of edibles before that were good enough for just 1 to make me sky-fucking non-functioning levels of super-goddamn-high, and he could eat 3 of the same edibles and feel just "a little light headed" for a few minutes.

    I really think there are some people who just aren't very affected by edibles. But don't consider yourself one of these people yet, you still have a lot of other options to try. :smoking:
  5. Ya I have experimented myself along with buying from dispensaries. I have never taken a crazy dose to see if its's just me, maybe that's my next step. You mentioned a high metabolism can do it? I work out 5 days a week maybe that's it?
  6. Eat a good fatty meal before hand. It will increase chances of success
  7. ^ dont think so man

    From what i hear, you want to eat a LIGHT meal just before you eat the edible. This is because your stomach will absorb the first thing you eat. While your stomach breaks down foods very quickly, it doesn't absorb nearly as many nutrients/chemicals as your intestines. After your light meal goes through your stomach, your edible will be slowly broken down by your intestines for maximum absorbtion/potency.

    I have tested this myself, and let me tell you man, it makes a huge difference when you eat your edible.
  8. Seems like a light fatty meal is the best thanks for the responses.
  9. if you make the edible correctly it shouldn't matter, empty stomach or not you should get blasted off a kickass edible.
  10. Well I ate 2 brownies right after i ate lunch and they didnt work. a few weeks later I ate a firecracker on an empty stomach and i was blazing. Im gonna say empty stomach is the best
  11. Wake up and cook an egg in real butter and eat it with a buttered piece of toast.

    Wait 45 minutes and consume your edible.

    Wait 1.5hrs and smoke a small bowl or a pin joint.


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