Praying for Peace

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by UncleJohn, Sep 22, 2001.

  1. In light of the events of today, I would like to plea to all freedom-loving people in this forum. They say if you pay attention to history, that it will repeat itself. We are watching history being made right before our eyes. The simple truth is...most of the foreign people who have fled to our country in the first place are seeking some sort of religious or political freedom not given to them in their country of origin. Unless you are 100% American Indian, you are an immigrant. We, as Americans, share one common ancestral link...we are all foreigners in one way or another. Muslim people are no more guilty than we are. I have seen and heard a new way of thinking today, and the American people are (90% of us anyway) all for letting all of our freedoms go in order to help stop terrorism. (some people interviewed said that they would let anything go "temporarily") Brothers, that's what the Nazis told the German people in WWII when they took their radio stations away. Yes, we are a long way from being held in concentration camps. Many of the things we've said and heard have been out of rage. I want to see vengence. I want blood spilled for the people we've lost. I want freedom, and I will be willing to fight for it. We are all Americans. President Bush has made some emotional statements and is enjoying his highest approval rating since the election. This was not planned overnight, some bad guys schemed up over a few beers.
    We, as Americans are the model of freedom, worldwide. How would we feel if an American billionaire..for instance; say an American was accused of this in another country (this is very hard, because we have no motivation to lash out against anyone in our society...we're not impoverished. This is a third world country that we're talking about. They have no government. Hell, the Taliban members had to walk to meet this week. Our politicians don't walk anywhere.) They are the underdog here. Someone killed many many innocent people, but we do not know who. We don't need to martyr the terrorist regime.
    Thank you for reading this. Sorry that it's not pot related, but it seemed more appropriate.

    "The only retaliation we can offer violent acts brought on us by monsters is nonviolence. Rage will only bring us down to their level." Martin Luther King
  2. everything that will happen has, happened before.........more is the pity...............

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