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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by crocodile, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. Hey all what's up? Prayer's big guy! All the power to ya! halleluhiah!!! Hey Ijust noticed...totally wrecked:) it say's seasoned tokers, how long you all been tokin? 17 years for me.
  2. Only three here, but going strong.
  3. this year is big (or small?) number three.....
  4. Goin on five years, and definitely goin five more.
  5. I just cant bring myself to remember. =)

  6. just a Lil' over 30yrs. Lol :smoking: :hippie:
  7. goodmornin my pc has been down for a few days ,the provider had messed up some how & now im back , i think the question was how long in the tokin !!! got a little story i think ya all will like . i was a sophmore in highschool and i had a freind i rode horses w/ her horse was an appolusa named cocoa & i had a lined back dunn named sparky he was green broke when i got him i finished him out great horse i miss him to this day he was truly my best freind , the town im from you could have chikens,pigs cows & yes horses all in your back yard , any way my freind came from wichita kansas her mother lived there ,but she lived w/ her father in longton, she rode over to my house one day & said look what i got & i was whats is that , she informed me of what it was & had me get on the back of her horse w/her she took a lighter & lit the funny little ciggerett & said i think youll like it , so we sat there on cocoa & puffed away didnt feel anthing realy ,and not realy knowing what to feel ? got off the horse & maijor head rush , didnt know what creeper was either!!!, i remember walking to the house thinkin what the hell is this ! thank god mom was not home from work yet !!!! went to my room & layed down spinning of course , praying over & over let this feeling go away ill never do this again!!!! some time later i went w/ my freind to whichita to see her mom . my freinds aunt was living in an apartment behind the house, we wnt to see her , i was very taken back she was a very 60;s kinda girl & her app, was like somethin in an austin powers movie round bed , lava lamps silk scarfs & crushed velvit everywhere to cool, we smoked & i was in the right atmosphere w/ good pepole from then on i had no doubt this was a good thing !!! in had the best time ever , 25 years later still token an always will & im suere betime im in the old folks home theyll be plenty off dealers already there, have a good toke day to all !!! patch
  8. Cool story patch!! Some of my earliest memories with the Herb, involve ridin' along the creek, or out in the woods, to catch a buzz!! LOL :smoking:
  9. I became a regular toker about 8 years ago. I don't remember the first time I got high....I think it was when I was in 7th grade or somethin like that. I loved your story, patch! I have never been high while riding horse but would love to try it sometime. Being outdoors with a good buzz is the best!
  10. just on my 3rd year, but its study, study, study.

    I dropped outta colege to study Cannabis.

    (joke) ... well... kinda.

  11. 1 year and a half,,,but i'll be going for A LOT longer
  12. and on for 26 years!!!!!!!!!! I started when I was 14...yikes! Man, I'm old... Actually, I started when I was in utero...[​IMG][​IMG], I'm only that?

    Sorry, I just turned 40 the end of March...and, it's still freaking me out...[​IMG] [​IMG]


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