PRAYIN FOR A FEMALE: Pineapple Express From BagSeed (CFLs...LETS DO IT!)

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    So, I was fortunate enough to have a very nice batch of what I know to be pineapple express. It is an amazing strain, you really do want to just live in it, it smells so delicious :smoke: See pix below for the bud from wince this 1 seed came. I have germinated it using the cup-o-water technique, got my lil root popped, and I put it in fox farm soil today. I have covered the top of the pot w/ a transparent plastic plate to keep moisture in until the sprout pops up. I built the veg room for only $36!


    CFLs = ~ $14 | Walmart
    -2 Pack GE 6500k Daylight CFLs (2)
    Mounts = ~ $11 | 99 Cent Store/Walmart
    -Extension Cords (3) = $3 | 99 Cent Store
    -Splitter (2) = $2 | 99 Cent Store
    -Sockets (4) = $7 | Walmart
    Thermometer= $8 | Walmart
    Wall Covering (Poster Board) = $1 | 99 Cent Store
    Tape = $1.50 | Walmart
    Drip Pan (Pie Pan) - $0.50 | Walmart (must buy 3 @ 1.50)
    Pot = $0 (Left over from another grow)
    Party Plate = $0 (From party we had on sat)

    Pix of setup below.

    Im praying this seed becomes a female, this is the only seed from this entire batch. And the word is it wont come around for a while. This is my new favorite strain, cross your fingers w/ me guys!

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  2. sorry no update for a couple days...i was out of town for xmas...when I got back I had a late present waiting for me...we have broken ground folks!:hello: huzzah!:hello: now lets just pray its a girl!:eek:

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    going good w/ it's new roommate(lavastan)

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  4. Ive been dealing with a little mold(or moss?) on the top layer of the soil(Not in the pictures) i keep digging it out but it comes back any suggestions?

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  5. This baby has hit a growth spurt! looking really good nodes are less that 1/2" apart its already poppin out its 5th set of leaves and lil branches are coming in and its stalk is getting nice and thick. a girl! pls :eek:

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  6. no update in awhile i wanna see how the girls doin:smoking:
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    Hes done smoked it already!!!!

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