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Pravda: Americans never give up your guns!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Deleted member 472633, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Americans never give up your guns - English

    BTW for those of you who don't remember the Cold War, pravda was one of the main voices of Communism for the USSR.
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    I just want to comment on this as it relates to your conspiracy theory thread.

    In the author's defense of the second amendment he actually creates a conspiracy theory about gun control. Which is that anyone who supports gun control is a progressive, socialist, or a leftist. Which is an assumption that creates a preconceived image about others that is not necessarily accurate.

    In reality there may actually be plenty of people who consider themselves socialist, progressive, and/or leftist when shooting the proverbial political shit, who are not in favor of gun control. At least i have experience to refute the claim in that post. Personally, I don't want to contribute to the violence of man, and think that the only way to create meaningful change is through non violence. I have certainly met "leftists" who would put this whole argument/ thread down really quick with the opposite mindset, though. Once I was actually criticized for my lack of enthusiasm about violent means for change, and told that the peaceful change mantra is just another idea that keeps the status quo. Basically this person criticized me for being a nonviolent-anarchist. (At the time i was only in a routine of prohibition protest and loud talk with friends... haha you do what you can right?) He claimed to be a communist. He also told me all about the extreme effort to undermine the rise of South American socialism by big-media.

    Anyways, if nothing else, i think we should end this idea that human beings uninterested in a society centered on competition are uninterested in a free society. Being uninterested in competition does not mean you are anti-freedom, un-American, a stalinist, or really anything at all.

    The first paragraph is spot on though. Those are the questions that can't be answered. Why side with the most violent and heavily armed establishment on the planet and not with fellow human beings?

    My problem with the whole gun control issue is that both sides resort to fear mongering as their tactic in the argument. Advocates point to the school shootings, and defenders point to the dangers of being unarmed.

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