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prank seeds?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lake, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Use some seeds from schwagg and sprinkle them on someones lawn
  2. oh that wasn't directed at you, it was to the OP:p

  3. Thats depending on if they catch you.:cool:
  4. I wanna plant one in like the garden section of home depot or lowes, that would be funny as fuck to walk in and see a pot plant for sale!!

  5. lol that would be pretty hilarious. They have cameras probably, but I guess if you did it smooth enough, or they don't save that much footage, or they really dont give a shit lmfao.

    How to Make a Seed Bomb
  6. Planting them on public property would be good planting them on someones property is just a dick thing to do.
  7. I heard a story about a guy in NY that walked around and would push seeds in the ground wherever it was fitting then months later they started popping up all over the city. idk if its true or not but its a hella cool story.
  8. Public property ftw.:smoke:

  9. it won't work. the seed will never sprout. we use Pre-emergent Weed Control to make sure seeds don't sprout. That's how we keep weeds out of the pots. ;)

  10. yea, I would probably just stick with public property.

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