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prank seeds?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lake, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. anyone else think about playing pranks with there bag seeds? i was thinking about slipping a few next to a potted plant at work or maybe in an annoying neighbor's lawn.
  2. I had a teacher in high school that was given a potted pot plant. She had NO idea what it was but thought it was pretty. Grew for about a month before the principle came in and asked to have a word with her. Hahaha. She said "Its such a pretty plant"
  3. BTW, nice avatar. Star wars rocks! I've got a decent collection of figures and helmets and such.
  4. bro yeah, i plant them in my neighbors lawns and call the cops whenever i want a friend to move in the neighborhood. lol
  5. #5 thereddfoxx12, Oct 2, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 2, 2010
    That is actually a pretty fucked up thing to do unless the guy is a HUGE douche. Why the hell would you get people sent away to jail just so friends can move in the neighborhood? You are not a nice person if you really do that to random people.
  6. You need to calm the fuck down and take another hit
  7. Oh sorry that I think sending people to jail as a joke or for personal gain is extremely bad karma:rolleyes:.
  8. Now if you said that i wouldnt care but you insulted and you were rude and thats just not the grasscity way man
  9. Well I apologize but I can't help but get a little angry that he sends people to jail for absolutely no reason.
  10. Calm down he was joking. you dont get forced out of a neighborhood for growing weed ha and i think the police would know they wouldnt just grow it in their front yard durrr

  11. Thats exactly what I was thinking. Lol
  12. Playing pranks is such a waste of seed...
  13. Bro you better be quiet before i Get you too lol. By the way, everything is serious life is serious, seriousness is the meaning of life.
  14. Yeah I had a friend try to plant some bud in science class lol. It barely sprouted, still made me lol my ass off haha. :cool:
  15. There was a nice healthy green marijuana plant growing in a planter along side geramiums in front of a doctor's office next to where I work last summer. It got to be about ten inches tall before it disappeared one day. It was a nice sunny spot for it.
  16. Where I work, among some shrubs on a high wall, there is a tiny weed seedling about 40cm below standard eye level. Someone's probably gonna kill it...maybe I should rescue it, discreetly.
  17. lol, planting a marijuana plant at your work will get the company/your bosses in a LOT of trouble, resulting in you getting fired. please rethink that idea.
  18. The police chiefs ex wife lives in my neighborhood.... hmmmmmmmmmm :devious:
  19. No, I have not planted it...I just saw it, someone actually pointed it out to me, we were both pretty confused about how/why it was there. Though, it would be more a matter of "pick one" at my work, full of potheads.

  20. hmm...where did you get that from??:confused: were you just assuming he was doing it for some crazy Grand scheme to have friend's move in??:laughing: Lol

    i thought about doing that thought,the planting seeds a random houses,not crazy friends move in my neighborhood thing XD, but i didn't want to get people in trouble either,but maybe if you plant it like along-side of the road or sidewalk grass or maybe a public park,that be pretty cool:p

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