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  1. Ok my roommate is asleep after a weekend of drinking, has to go to class here in about an hour so he needs to be woken up, any ideas of what I should do to be a douche? He is a huge prankster and tries to always get me so let's hear some ideas?
  2. Cold ass water to the face is always funny.
  3. oh i cant contribute to this, haa...
  4. Does he use the hair dryer?

    Fill that shit with flour and let him turn it on.
  5. Air horns and megaphones are a douche-way of waking people up.

    You could replace his toothpaste with Preparation-H. Put plastic wrap over the toilet bowl.

    I also hear that after a night of drinking if you crack a banana in half and make the person with a hangover take a big whiff it will make them puke. I don't know how true it is, because I never tried it, but I have a friend that swears up and down that it works because his dad did it to him.
  6. fart bare assed in his face and then slap him

  7. this. then proceed to dropping a turd in house mouth

    and obv take a picture and send it to his mom
  8. Put a ladder in the pool.

    Put one of the couch on the ladder, and the other end on the edge of the pool.

    Startle him to wake him up, and odds are he will fall into the pool.

    (this will be very tricky to do without waking him, but well worth it)
  9. This thread made me laugh, expecially a fart and bitchslap lol u guys suck.:smoke:
  10. Smoke a bowl right next to him, exhaling every hit gently into his face.

    Then wake him up normally, but he'll be stoned as fuck and won't know what the hell's going on.

    Hilarity will ensue for the next few hours.

    My roommate did this to me last year :(

  11. thats so fucking awesome!!!
  12. Put his hand in a cup of water, then pee all over his crotch/inner thigh, the beauty of this is that he will think he peed himself, when he didnt!!

    Or shoot whipped cream up his nose, unless he washes that shit amazingly, a little bit will rot up his nose, then everything he snells will smell like rotten milk for a couple weeks. This happened to me, it was no fun
  13. Fuck the one above me doesnt sound cool. :(
    The one where you blow smoke in his face is pretty awesome but if he wakes up he will be like dude get the fuck up out my face.. And if that happened to me I would wake up and know.. Unless he doesnt smoke?:confused:
  14. [ame=]YouTube - Justice vs. Simian - We Are Your Friends[/ame]
  15. Always wanted to covered someone head to toe in talc powder. check his alarm clock put another one in his room hidden somewhere good and set it bout 2-3 mins after his normal. :) watchem scurry around like a pissed off ferret.
  16. ohhh yeah his mom is dead so... I got nothing there.
  17. It would be really funny if he missed class because you didn't wake him up.
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    I always mess with peoples shoes, wake em up normally. Fill his shoes with whip cream, mayo... tacks, dogshit, melted M&Ms whatever you got thats sticky and gross or painful, and just act like you had no clue what happend. Damn man you must of been eating out of your shoes last night.

    Or you could be really fucked up and give him the good old shitler and air horn wake up.. he will wake up and wonder why it smells like shit so bad. Or just flip his bed/couch over instead of the airhorn... equally messed up.
  19. Set the clocks back 50 minutes( wrist watches,clocks, microwaves, clock in his car too) and wake him up in time to get to class.... in time to leave!
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    The last thing i want is the be fucked with in the morning :cool:

    edit: obviously this was a time intensive thread, what did you end up doing to him?

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