Prank phone calls....

Discussion in 'General' started by pyoung09259, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Haha, when I was younger and when I got blazed, I would prank phone call people, and it would be fun... Did any of you ever do th at?
  2. I used to set up two small wastebaskets (empty of course) with a friend, and whoever could toss the ball in the other basket, the person who was socred upon had to make a prank phone call. It was so aptly named "Prank Call Basketball"

  3. LOL
  4. haha thats awesome wookie i use to prank all the time actually what made it funner was we would just laugh our asses off during the prank gotta love it
  5. I used to prank call customer services. I once prank called Nutella, and complained that after 3 years of eating their chocolate daily, I had become morbidly obese and was mad it didnt say "Makes you obese" on the packaging.
  6. LOL! You made a game out of it!? I LOVE IT!

  7. It passed the time lol.
  8. My favorite are telemarketers, I always turn around the convo and try to get them to buy my used slippers.

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