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Praise over dense weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GCSH, May 11, 2011.

  1. Alright well my guy got some really dense nug and I got a gram of it. He said he picked it himself from the plant. It was like 3 maybe 4 small buds, doesn't even look like enough to fill a joint, and I reweighed it and it came out to be 1 gram. Why does everyone say it's so good when you get barely anything at all? Also it was pretty sticky if that matters
  2. Dense = more weed compressed into one bud. You even said yourself that it weighed out to 1g, so why are you complaining?
  3. It just looks like such a minuscule amount that's why I''m asking
  4. wait til u break it up
  5. Ok, so what if it looks small???

    Its dense, and will still weigh out.

    Thats like comparing a gram of a Rock, to a gram of Sand... The sand will be broken up and look like more than the rock, but they are still equal in weight.
  6. It just looks like it. Sour D is usually dense and sticky.
  7. Ok to the people arguing that dense small amounts of weed is just as good of a gram as light weed... Nah. If weed is weed would you want your dealer giving you a gram in shake evertime? Nah lol
  8. Sounds like you got sold weed was released strictly for profit,
  9. Dude what

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