Praise logic

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  1. Reality is multifaceted. Just like how there are two+ sides to every argument, there are multiple conflicting truths to every objective reality. (Some sides of which the human brain is incapable of understanding due to tunnel vision and an entrenched belief in logical systems, or possibly the lack of vocabulary. If we don't have a word, we don't understand the concept). From a transcendental standpoint, Discussion, debate and argument are essentially meaningless. These acts obviously contribute to the negotiation of a better human society, but when it comes to the search for reality, the answer can only be withdrawal. We humans flip back and fourth between perspectives, reality is fluid and our naïveté will forever keep us from understanding it. Reality is subjective and objective. Praise logic. I will not be commenting anything after this post, because there is really no need. When discussion happens it signifies nothing more than observation. As important as someone in a crowd raising their hand and saying, " my hand is raised". Wow, many people, all over have that exact same opinion and that's great that you're here to tell me that but I could have guessed you were out there anywhere and said it myself for you, in you're place. Why am I even here. Praise logic. Regardless, if I am completely wrong that will have only contributed to the rightness of this view. Let's talk about reality! discussion is as important as a few specs of dust floating into each other.

  2. what are facts but opinions agreed upon.
  3. Nothing has to mean anything.
    Most find this depressing which is why most people are in denial and choose to believe in religion or make up some purpose for their lives which they shape their ideals around.
    Once everyone realises the true meaninglessness of everything, everyone will be truly happy.

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