praire oyster???

Discussion in 'General' started by LilWyte2590, May 21, 2006.

  1. so ive been getting drunk alot lately,and its getting to the part where im starting to get real hangovers.i heard and saw(on an anime) a remedy for hangovers called a praire oyster.does one of these drinks actually help cure a hangover.

    thats chaser plus shit sucks dick.
  2. the only thing that helps me cure my hangover besides time are those electrolyte replacement things that you can get from a drugstore. drinking one or 2 of these things (usually powder mixed wiht water) helps cure the hangover effect i get from drinking. look for them in ur drugstore, or ask someone for an electrolite/electrolyte replacement.
    They will in fact make you feel like shit times ten. They'll sober you up a lil, but only cus they hurt like hell goin down. Now just to clarify could you list the ingredients you heard of in a prarie oyster, because ive heard of different recipes.
    P.S For those of you who dont know prarie oysters are essentially just a really really really bad drink taken in shot form, lots a hot stuff n other burny parts.
    P.P.S if you really dont want a hangover just make sure to eat and drink water while drinking.

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