PPP, or is it? Grow #2

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by mordgrow, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Changed the room a little
    (more reflectiveness, and more stealthyness with the zippered door behind the door:cool:) and grew up some seeds from my PPP package..




    (if you look close you'll see a sick Speed Queen in the back ground too)

    well they dont all look the same, one definatly looks like a strong sativa strain, the other two are questionable.

    Time to clone!

    I took multiple cuttings of every plant except the 3rd one, I got 1 really good cutting off it so hopefuly it survives, so far my success rate in the mist cloner is near 100% I took like 5 cuttings off the "sativa" looking big one, I sure hope that one turns out fem!


    I still plan on scrogging this room, but i need to be sure i have some females first, so maybe one more LST'd grow (hell it worked for me last time eh?:smoke:)

    btw, those wierd twisted yellowed ones are from a plant that didnt survive the transplant into the 2x400w room, so i got 3 cuttings off it and put them in water, I left 1 cutting in water in the grow room and moved the other two to where you see them, they allready have root sites, so in this cloner are 4 different plant cuttings. I put the floro's on 12/12 right from the start so i can sex them fast and find out what I have.
    the only thing in the mister is a little superthrive and some hormex (real weak mixture) I didnt even lower the PH of the water, though I might tomorrow or the next day (and add some epsom salt too)
  2. welcome back man.How long have you been flowering?just wondering as the ppp im growing out realy had legs in the pre flower stretch.good luck I cant wait to see how your ppp turn out.:)
  3. I started 12/12 tonight, maybe a halfhour before i posted.. so pretty recently ;)

    The 3plants dont look the same so i dont even know if i got PPP or just some wierd variant in one seed and normal stuff in the other 3..

    we'll see whats female and whats still alive by the end of the week, and decide from there :D
  4. lol don't be to suprized.out of nine ppps that sprouted they were all different.one thing they all seemed to have in common is that they all seem to do best with a ppm between 700-800 much more and they begin to stress.looks like these girls could be a cheap date!!good luck man.from all iv read its some good bud.:smoke:

    PS I remember from your last grow that you wanted biger plants...Well I think you chose the right strain for that!!
  5. lookin good man.. i'm sure they are all PPP. My friend and I grew 2 plants a piece and all 4 were pretty different (mine were better :D )
  6. Mord,

    props on the 1st grow.

    Looking forward to following the 2nd! :smoking:
  7. thanks, this will be a slow start grow cause im so early into it.. I have some big plants, but i dont know the sex and will prolly just grow them out to see how they handle my room 'n nutes, then go full scrog like i want to next grow (though while learning Speed Queen i ended up with 20oz or so :D )

    Clones are doing good, I made sure to cut lots of "root start point" along the stem and i think i'll be seeing roots way before the regular "10 day" mark for cloning ( I gotta give credit to the mist, it does wonders for cloning)
  8. again... mad props. i am subscribing to this thread and i am very eager to see results. mad mad mad props.
  9. ahh excitement wellng inside of me. how is everyting? keep us posted :p
  10. when something significant happens TRUST me, there will be tons of pictures ;)

    right now im just waiting for some sex to show then i'm going to get down and dirty with a scrog set up and 4 PPP clones :)

    I maybe startd this thread too early, I cut the clones the day i posted so its going to take a while for anything to happen, all the clones are still kicking and hopfuly will have roots showing soon :)

    I know which plants i *hope* are fem (hell they all might be for all i know, the website i ordered from wasnt very clear) so i'm crossing my fingers for now
  11. I hope you sold or traded some of that last grow for some power tools this time:D
  12. nope no power tools, and I had a huge summer solstace party, soo i'm down to a jar and a half left!

    I'm not making any drastic changes, still dont want to cut any holes in the room (though it would be way easier if i did) so i'll keep trying to refine what i have set up now. my dryer vent share totaly failed on me so i need some re working in that area..

    oh well, just got back from some mountain paintball, im beat! maybe i'll do more next weekend.. haha plants are good, 6 clones look like they will make it, I just added some nutes and PH ballanced the water in the mister today.
  13. mord,

    how do you like the cooltube? can you keep it close and still get some good room coverage?
  14. I lose a bit of coverage in the back and front of my room, but only when the light is really low, great thing about the cool tube is i can have the plants touching the tube and they dont suffer for it (had my PPP grown around the tube after a big growth one night)

    I dont have anything to compare it with, but so far i'm happy with them, they have really helped me keep my temps undercontroll.
  15. wow, these things are growing too fast, i cant wait for clones sto sex, i'll just have to flower what i have here and hack down whats not fem.



    kinda raggidy looking :p im still acting like this is just to find a mother, though i should pay more attention i'm sure i'll flower these too..
  16. lookin good. did u tell ppl to give u cash for that weed at that party? i woulda charged. lol. 5 bucks a fatty :p
  17. nah, kinda a tradition, i was hosting this year :p the previous years i was the freeloader ;) haha
  18. haha well if its tradition i guess we can let it slide. hahaha. but yeah if i have weed and someone wants to freeload off me, either i make them give me collateral for later payment, or i make them buy me food. hahaha but yeah, did you get any compliments or complaints about it?
  19. a couple of comments about smoking alphalpha (oops, didnt flush long ehough) but those were silenced after the first smoke session,, I did let them go a little long, evryone got REEEAALLLL mellow haha, lots of zoning out and enjoying the body high.. oh well i got a scope now so i can check trichs, gona harvest when cloudy this time, no need to couch lock everyone

    wow, these PPP are gettin stinky already.. definatly a different smell from the speed queen.
  20. lol thats pretty sick. good luck man. i cant wait to see ur harvest this time around. btw. whaddya use to smoke with? i enjoy my ghetto ass home-made bong i made. although its not like a traditional bong. i have a long pen going thru a cap of a gatoraide bottle going down to the bottom of the bottle and then fill it up with water until an inch below the carb and then about an inch from the cap i put a connecter hose into another bottle filled with ice and smoke like that. its actually pretty sick if u think about it.

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