Ppm Rise With No Water Loss

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  1. so I have recently transplanted MY blueberry plant into a 5 gal DWC bucket. then 6 hours later the ppm of MY res had gone up 100 ppm but the ph had not Moved at all. I AM growing in hydroton Using distilled water. Since I Was transplanting my res was only at 278 ppm of Cal Mag and Super thrive at 1drop a gallon. can anyone explain to me why my ppm spiked up to 403 ppm and tha stabled out ? I was going to do a res change tomorrow and start it on 250 ppm of Cal Mag and 100 ppm of the GH flora series that is if I can figure out why it is rising with no water loss. Other then lie ppm She is doing well. I will get a picture up when my phone has enough battery for flash.

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  3. my guess is the hydroton was not properly washed before transplant...  the dripers washed the rocks and thus you get the spike in PPM
    try washing the rocks better next time.. I always triple wash my rocks before use and expect a slight rise in PPM's
    you can either leave it alone and eventually the PPMs will stabilize or you can pull the inner liner and wash the rocks in the sink
    I'd go with just leaving it... next nutrient change make sure you pull all the particulates out of the bottom of the bucket and you should see things average out

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