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  1. Hello GC,

    I'm almost completing my first grow... (Silly to ask this now... but just want to clear it up)

    I'm growing in soil and have been using municipal tap water. I also have been using the Floranova 3-stage Nute line from GH.

    When I feed or water I always let my water sit for 24-48hrs to "air out". I'm not 100% sure why, but I think it helps bleed off chorine and other things that are added to municipal tap water.

    The PPM of my tap water is 300-400PPM and settles down to 200-300PPM after the 24-48hr rest.

    My question is on PPM of my Nute mix.

    When I mix the nutes, do I need to take the 200-300PPM in the water into consideration or do I subtract that to know my wanted nute strength?

    So if I want 500PPM nutes... Do I need to add (500PPM + 200-300PPM) = 700-800PPM mix?

    Or do I only add only 300PPM nutes to equal a total 500PPM mix?

    I'm asking because I get nervous when I really turn the feed screws and my meter jumps to the (120 x10) reading. Is there a PPM limit (total mix) that I need to consider with the plants?

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    Just looking for any opinion.

    Maybe I'm too wordy...
    Does the water PPM factor into your Nutrient PPM? Or just ignore the water PPM when you mix?

  3. Look at your nutrients.Does it give ppm per teaspoon/ml ect ect?If so thats usually based on 0ppm water.

    Hope that helps
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    Ok, that makes sense.
    Thanks bud. :)


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