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  1. So I have a drain and fill set up. I have a seedling and just started adding a very small amount of nutri. The res is filled with 5gallons of spring water and the ph is right around 5.9 I added 5 ml of micro and 2.5ml of grow and checked the ppm and it read 3050. I do not understand how it can be this high with the nutri being so low in strength. Is there a way to lower the ppm besides diluting with water? Or do I just need to check with I get the full strength of nutri in the res? She is doing great, growing well and healthy color so I do not understand.
  2. Could it be your ppm pen? Try re calibrating it and also use pH down
  3. spring water from the store? or from an actual spring?
    Have you checked TDS of your water itself before hand?
    My house uses well water. My tap was commin out at over 800ppm itself. then after being treated through the peroxide system to rid itself of sulfur smell, inturned killed off my microbial life within my soil.
    Switched to an RO and couldnt be happier. only 30ppm out the rez. much easier to adjust ph (literally a few drops per few gallons) and i find less ph swings also.
  4. what was the ppm of just the spring water?

    But it really sounds like something wrong with the pen..:smoking:

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