ppm n ph question for nycd new yourk city diesal

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  1. i have a question im doinn a first time grow n i was told first week 550 ppm second weed 600 ppm and third 650 pp n i went online n seen this..Indica's
    Seedlings and clones 300-400ppm 5.3-5.5 ph
    early vegg 500-600ppm 5.3-5.6 ph
    middle vegg 600-800ppm 5.4-5.6 ph
    late vegg 800-1000ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
    early flower 1000-1300ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
    middle flower 1400-1600ppm 5.5-5.8 ph
    late flower 1000-1100ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
    ripening 300-500ppm 5.4-5.6 ph

    seedlings and clones 250-350ppm 5.3-5.5 ph
    early vegg 300-500ppm 5.3-5.6 ph
    middle vegg 500-700ppm 5.4-5.6 ph
    late vegg 700-900ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
    early flower 1000-1100ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
    middle flower 1100-1300ppm 5.5-5.8 ph
    late flower 800-1000ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
    ripening 300-500ppm 5.4-5.6 ph.......i was wondering whos rite i dont wanna ruin them im usein house of garden nutes sry for the noob Q
  2. the only dumb question is the one not asked...

    and the answer is... both of you are right

    everyone's grow is different... even neighbors

    so a good rule of thumb... is 100PPM for every inch the plant grows up to 1200PPM...

    now many strains can take lots more nutrients... some,much much less...

    so watch the PH of the soup to tell you what you need to do...

    if the PH is climbing(you want it to) the plant wants more nutrients(bump it up)

    if the PH is falling(you don't want it to) you have too many nutrients in the soup(dilute it)

    after a couple of grows it becomes super easy

    get a good PH pen... it will help
  3. thanks for your info i will b lookin into that thank u very much i will b postin pics soon ....also wen will b a good week to start putting nutes in plants

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