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  1. Hello all,

    On my ppm/ec metre I have 2 different graphs with different figures according to which you multiply by. I've attached 2 pictures of each as I'm unsure which one I should go by? Thank you and apologies if it's a daft question
  2. Me myself I go with EC little bit easier to remember

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  3. Yeah just use the ec function mate.
    Depending on where the meter was made the ppm can iether be 500-1ec or 700-1ec.
    Ec is the same on every meter though.
    Ec- electrical conductivity
    Ppm- parts per million of (Tds) total disolved solids.
    How a part per million can have 2 different values absolutely baffles me but there ya go lol.
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  4. Yeah it did confuse me a little having the x500 and x700 the ec is on the x500 side so I'll go with that one. I have to say thanks once again @Spanish@rcher you've been a great help with all of my questions
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  5. No worries bud. Keeps me off Facebook lol.

    0.4 ec for seedlings

    1.0 ec once they're 4-5 nodes tall and start to look hungry. Wait for them to start fading though. Underfed plants fix themselves no worries. Over fed plants can do all sorts of weird shit.

    If they get big and start going hungry again then go upto 1.5 ec and if you need to go higher than that then you're onto a winner :)

    If you look at feeding charts you'll see things like "aggressive veg feeding" but you can't force feed a plant. If you do you'll burn it to shit.
    Just go light and be safe in the knowledge that the worst that'll go wrong is that a few leaves go a bit yellow for a few days. You see it. Up the dose and they go back to normal :)
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  6. Cheers mate this is much simpler to go by! I've looked at some feeding guides but they they were just too much so I started doing 1/4 & 1/2 dose with the nutes
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