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  1. In the 5th week of my Veg stage, was wondering if my PPM was a little too high. I followed my directions from my hydro store, on the mixture of my nutes and the PPM came out to around 1800. Is this too high for a plant 5 weeks into veg? It looks like it is doing fine although it short and bushy as hell. What do you all think?
  2. HIGH All, yes to me it's too HIGH..what fert you useing? And what ever you can tell us about your grow.
  3. Thanx for the help I am using the following
    DNF Grow A+B
    Monster Grow
    Humic Fulvic

    according to my fert sheet, PPM is supposed to be at 1200
    I have calibrated my digital tester and it is as close as the device can get.
  4. I have been using the Dier Wolf pruning method and I have gotten the plant to have many shoots to the point where it looks like a little bonzai tree, but for some reason it is only about 6 inches tall. I have moved the light up 10 inches to try to get it to stretch, before I kept it only an inch or two. I have a 4 lamp t5 ficture on top, and another on the side (I rotate it every day). What do you think.

  5. HIGH All, what can I say......I've been against this advice from the start and have said so....All I can say is just let it grow...Please don't take anymore leaves O.F.F.F.

    I got shit and ragged on because I never did it...well I'm doing it and just as I thought the one stripped is growing slower than the one that wasn't. The roots even show that when I stripped it they stopped growing and ALL energy went back into...**Growing**..All those leaves I took O.F.F.F

    And I only just begun!!!!!
  6. do you think that the extra nodes aren't worth the slow in growth? I am glad to hear your analysis on the lack of height of my "tree" I have noticed that it looks alot more full than the alot of the other plants on this site, but it is also so much shorter. I will try letting it grow for now to see if this is the cause of it being stunted. It is such a strange plant it looks nothing like any of the other plants I have seen here. It is a purple pineberry strain.

    How about the nutes, you asked for me to label them, what do you think of the combination, and do you know which of them is the deadliest when it comes to PPM. Is there anything on my list that is so potent if I miss a ml in the wrong direction will it increase my PPM to such a high level.

    thanx for your help I really appreciate it.

  7. way to go bro..

    luving it..

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