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    i wanted to get a confirmation on my understanding of this because I'm having what I believe is a nute-burn issue and in the process of resolving it.

    with hydro... i take my RO water, add my nutes to my desired ppm. from there, as I PH balance it and use this water for the next 7 days before flushing the resevoir, i can ignore PPM changes caused by adding PH down.. right?

    now that I've dropped the water levels to encourage root growth i'm curious if I could be causing any salt build up if my understanding of this is wrong.

    I've also stopped 'watering' the plant since there are several roots hanging out of the net pots. Is there a necessity to water the growing medium in hydroponics to flush out any PH the plant may be producing in the hydroton or starter plug?
  2. yes.
    i dunno about the salts.
    why have you stopped watering?
  3. was not sure if I needed to continue doing so now that I have dropped the water level to encourage root growth. Roots are hanging out into the water so I did not know if hte plant or medium needed any water until I recently read that it's possible for your plant to excrete elements that increase/decrease the ph of your growth medium.

    so I should be dipping a cup of water into the resevoir and dropping it onto the grow medium everyday?
  4. Check your ppm of your ro water
  5. it's about 9-12 ppm before I do anything to it.
  6. Using Mad Farmer Get Down to adjust pH down from ~10 to 5.8 the ppms I am getting are 1000. I can not believe it. I'm never going to use that stuff again.
    Needa: you say ignore ppm addition from pH buffer?

    Please explain.

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