Ppm dropped 160 in 12 hours

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Jtrjesse, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. I did a Rez change yesterday ppm was 850 12 hours later it's down to 690. Is this normal to drop that fast? These are in a outdoor hydro setup.
  2. check again. check ph, check water temp. are u uaing ro water?
    anyhow if ph or temp is wrong adjust.. give it a day see if its still dropping.. if ec drops and ph rises it pretty much means u can feed ur plant more nutes.. if ec rises and ph drops then vice versa, ur plant needs less nutes..

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  3. Using RO. Ph is staying the same first time this happened. ppm dropping. Plant looks good. Water temp is between 68-72. This morning I checked ph 5.8 ppm 640 temp 68. IMG_4172.JPG
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  5. looking great man i say top it back to 750ppm or whatever u had it on before, wait a day and see if it drops, sometimes u just dont shake ur nutes or stir the water... shite happens u know.. no worries tho :)

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